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5 Easy New Years Goals That Future EpatCart
5 Easy New Year’s Goals That Future – EpatCart

We all know the drill by now. Every January we wake up in our hazy post-holiday slumber, and look back over the last year. And the next natural step is to set a series of unrealistic “New Year, New You” goals and bold ambitions for the next year. Well the offset of this is that we are left with unrealistic goals….which usually fade to the wayside by February, until they make their big bad unrealistic comeback next year. So we’re here to save you the trouble and offer five easy goals that the future happier and healthy you won’t regret.

Add Some Healthy Food, Instead Of Cutting Bad Food

We know it’s easy to think this is the year that you finally cut out fatty foods and carbs like chocolate, cake, sweets, pizza or alcohol. You might try it for a week, until it’s the next work birthday with cake, or pizza night out. So instead of feeling bad for enjoying these guilty pleasures once in a while, you can just eat less of these foods this year, or find healthier replacements like brown bread, brown pasta, sweet potato or a cube of dark chocolate. Or just add some more fruit and veggies to your diet, and voila, you’ll start to feel a bit healthier.

Learn To Cook At Least One Dish

We know it’s way easier to entertain your guests at a restaurant, or simply bring wine or a pre-packaged desert to your next dinner party. But this is the year you can change your ways! Simply google a dish or cake recipe that you love, or ask a friend for a couple of recipes. That way you can always pretend you can cook and impress your friends or family at the next dinner party. You might even develop a newfound love for cooking for yourself and your meals might just get a little tastier!

Find One Exercise That You Love

We know it’s tempting to say that this is the year that you’ll go to the gym five times a week, run a marathon or get ready for the Olympics. This would be amazing, but it might just leave you a little depressed if you don’t win Gold in the Olympics by next January. The key to exercise is setting smaller goals, like trying out some new classes and finding an exercise you love. There’s plenty to choose, from zumba or yoga, to TRX, dancing, judo, swimming or joining a sports team. There’s always new trendy classes like wine yoga if you look out for it. Then you’ll be more inclined to go to your favorite sports class as much as you like.

Try Something New

Whether you’ve always wanted to plan a big trip, go sky-diving or start a new course in knitting, it’s really easy to procrastinate and put it off till next year. That’s fine, but think about how good you’ll feel when you finally make your dreams come true. You could even start by planning a shorter, more affordable trip this year or start saving for your next big trip. All you need to do is a little research, planning and start saving some extra money aside for it.

Do Something Every Day That You Love

We know it’s really easy to work hard all week and save all your energy for the weekend. But as the weekend passes by in a flash, and you hit the office again on Monday morning, you’ll come down with a mighty bang. To stop your next Monday morning blues, you can make yourself happier by making some “me time” and doing one thing each day that you love. It could be getting your favorite coffee, dinner, smoothie or desert, watching your favorite show or meeting with a friend after work. You could also catch a movie, take a bubble bath or trying a new class you’ve always wanted to. This way no matter how hard your day is, you don’t have to just live for the weekend.

We dare you to try some of these. Your future-self will thank you later!

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