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Cannoli dip is amazingly rich and creamy! Dip some broken-up waffle cones into it and you have yourself a delightful dessert!

Dessert dips are SOOO GOOD. This one is fluffy and sweet and I can’t get enough! If you love them as much as I do then go ahead and try this 5 Minute Pumpkin Pie Dip, this amazing S’mores Dip, and this easy 2 Ingredient Cheesecake Dip!

A piece of a waffle cone being dipped into the cannoli dip.

What is Cannoli Dip?

Cannoli Dip is a sweet dip that is made up of two kinds of cheese (mascarpone and ricotta). You add in some vanilla and sugar and you have THE most amazingly delicious dip that you’ve ever had! Plus, this recipe has a secret ingredient of orange zest that brings a fresh taste to the recipe! I like to add in mini chocolate chips or crushed pistachios on top to take it to the next level. Serve it alongside some Oreo Fluff Dessert Salad, No-Bake Chocolate Eclair Dessert, and some delicious Cheesecake Dessert Cups and you can invite everyone for a party with a dessert bar!

This dip is so good that you could literally just eat it by the spoonful… and maybe I do! It’s also so nice because this is a dip that you can make ahead of time. It needs to chill in the fridge before serving it anyway so that works out perfectly! It makes it easier to host a party if I can make delicious recipes like this beforehand. While this dip is chilling in the fridge I can get things ready to dip in it! I like to use graham crackers, waffle cones, and even cannoli shells for this dip. It’s so sweet and definitely a crowd pleaser!

Ingredients You Need to Make Cannoli Dip

This dip uses only a few ingredients and then you are ready to make this insanely delicious dip! See the recipe card below for a list of exact measurements.

  • Ricotta: I like to use whole milk ricotta in this recipe.
  • Mascarpone cheese: This cheese is an Italian cream cheese! It has that same tangy taste that cream cheese has!
  • Powdered sugar: I use powdered surga because it is fine and creates that smooth texture!
  • Vanilla Extract: The vanilla adds a taste to the sweetness of the sugar.
  • Orange zest: I love when a recipe calls for a zest! It adds in a new level of freshness to the dip.
  • Mini chocolate chips: I like to use mini ones so that they don’t overpower the dip. Plus, they look cute!
  • Pistachios: These are optional! But you can chop them up small and put them in the dip for a different flavor and texure.

Let’s Make Some Dip!

This cannoli dip is super simple and only takes about 30 minutes to make! You can’t beat easy AND delicious!

  • Strain the ricotta: Be sure to strain the liquid from the ricotta using cheesecloth otherwise the dip can be runny. Place several layers of cheesecloth in a strainer and add the ricotta. Let drain for at least 20 minutes before squeezing by hand to remove the excess liquid. This can take a bit of time, but it’s worth it to get a better consistency!
  • Mix the ingredients: Add the strained ricotta, mascarpone, powdered sugar, vanilla extract and orange zest to a mixing bowl. Beat with a paddle until just combined.
  • Mix add-ins and chill: Mix in the chocolate chips and, if desired, the chopped pistachios. Transfer to a serving bowl and sprinkle a few more mini chocolate chips and pistachios on top. Chill until ready to serve.
  • Serve: Serve with cannoli shells or chips, waffle cones or graham crackers.

Helpful Tips

With just a few ingredients and a little patience, cannoli dip is a great dessert to serve at any gathering! It can be easily prepared ahead of time and served with a variety of different treats.

  • Straining the ricotta: Don’t skip this step! Ricotta cheese has a high water content and that can result in a very runny dip. It takes a bit more time to make sure the cheese has the excess liquid removed. But trust me, it’s very worth it to make sure it’s done. If you do it right then you gain a thicker, smoother consistency for your dip.
  • Orange zest: You don’t have to add the orange zest to this dip but… I like the complexity of flavor it adds to the dip. You can try substituting lemon zest or leave it out altogether.
  • What can I serve with it? Of course you can use cannoli shells or chips, waffle cones or graham crackers with the dip! But the options go on and on! Because it has a mild flavor it can pair well with any kind of cookie, really. Chocolate chip, chocolate, shortbread, ladyfingers or even butter cookies! Make the cannoli dip the center of a cookie spread and see which one you like best!

Cannoli dip with mini chocolate chips on a tray with broken up waffle cones and graham crackers.

How To Store Cannoli Dip

Make this ahead of time and make things easy on yourself! This dip needs to be chilled anyway so that makes it a win-win!

  • In The Refrigerator: Place your dip in an airtight container and put it in your fridge. It will last for up to 5 days! It is best chilled right until serving time.


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