Dropping Into a Massage Chair After Work is a Form of Bliss

A massage chair is a great way to comfortably reap the benefits of a massage. Many health benefits have been proven in clinical research, making owning a massage chair one of the best investments you can make.

Research confirms that a massage reduces stress and helps you become healthier, both physically and mentally. From lowering blood pressure to balancing cortisol levels, a massage chair can transform your life into a lifestyle of optimal wellness.

Many of our jobs are sedentary and require us to sit in front of a computer for long periods of time. The spine takes its toll, which is why a massage chair brings such good health results. We review which features you should consider when choosing a massage chair and which models best suit your life.

Dropping Into a Massage Chair After Work is a Form

Characteristics of a good massage chair

Consider these important features when purchasing a massage chair. Depending on your budget, you can choose a low-end massage chair that offers basic options. Features can include:

  • heat therapy
  • roll
  • Knead
  • shiatsu
  • sound therapy
  • vibration
  • Weightlessness and inversion therapy

Alongside these features, you may also find roller intensity as simple (2D), adjustable (3D), or variable (4D). There are also space-saving designs. A quality massage chair is an investment that will boost your health and help you avoid costly illnesses. A premium massage chair costs an average of $3,000 to $7,000. However, you can find some for as little as $1,500 and even $12,000.

A good massage chair has anywhere from three to 30 programmable options. It is ideal for experiencing a unique massage with every application. Advanced massage chairs are equipped with body scanning technology that customizes your massage after testing different parts of the body.

The most popular choice is the Zero Gravity design, which mimics the weightlessness one would feel in a spaceship. Some models have a single-touch feature that allows you to recline with a simple push of a button. Airbags are usually located where the rollers cannot reach. The more airbags you have, the better the coverage.

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Models of massage chairs

There are many great massage chairs on the market today. Some of the best to look out for include:

  1. Real Relax Massage Chair – This massage chair is inexpensive and still offers all the important functions. The model has eight massage rollers, zero-gravity incline, six automatic modes, heat therapy, among other features. It even has something only found on more expensive models. It features Bluetooth technology so devices can connect and enjoy a much more relaxing experience.
  2. Relaxonchair MK-II Plus – This luxurious chair features massage nodes that slide on an L-track, giving you the best lower back massage. The chair has three zero-gravity settings that allow you to recline or lie flat, taking the pressure off your entire body. A body scan function measures your height and adjusts the airbags according to the length of your spine. The MK-II Plus features a spinal decompression program for a full body stretch.
  3. Titan Pro Jupiter LE Massage Chair – This amazing massage chair is known for providing head-to-toe heat therapy for people up to 6 feet tall. It features 80 air cells and a 3D L-track massage roller. It features an intelligent body scan system and a zero-gravity chair. The massage chair features Bluetooth technology, allowing the user to have a more interactive experience during their massage. The dual action foot massage is perfect for reflexology, which transmits its effects to the rest of the body. A touchscreen controller makes it easy for the user to select different options with the push of a button. The price of the chair is reasonable for the many features it offers and the quality it offers.

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