Nerdy Design Tips To Let Out Your Inner Geek At Home

Nerdy Design Tips To Let Out Your Inner Geek At Home
Nerdy Design Tips To Let Out Your Inner Geek At Home

Nowadays, there are many things to consider when decorating a room in the house. From the lighting to the colors and so on, a lot goes into just one space. If you happen to be someone who considers themselves a ‘geek’, you probably want to incorporate that into your decor. The question is – how? There are ways to go about it without overdoing it. Just like any other design, it needs to be done correctly to truly stand out and impress everyone, including yourself. Trying to think of ways to do just that? Read on!

Start Simple

Before anything else, you need to decide on the layout and color palette of the room in question. Don’t just go out and buy all the cool items you see. First, think about what theme you want. Do you want a darker look? Maybe something light and bright? Which items do you want to incorporate into the room? Will they be overpowering or subtle? Take time to answer these questions so you know what your goal is. Once you’ve decided, then go out and buy the smaller items you want to decorate with. Stick to ones that will complement the rest of the room rather than stick out like a sore thumb.

Book Lover

It’s likely that you’re someone who adores books and wants to put their collection on display, which is great! When out shopping for furniture, take a look at some bookcases that will work with the rest of the room in the way you want them to. Think about the color of the wood you want, what size you need, how many books need to be stored, and so on. If you’re unsure, feel free to ask an expert on the matter to ensure you buy the right bookcases for you. Once you’ve got them, you’ll be able to display and organize all your books however you want to!

Subtlety Goes A Long Way

If you’re a geek who also loves minimalism and clean looking rooms, you might be looking for a way to combine those things into your design. It’s not impossible to do, either! You can design a whole room the way you want to and just throw in some cute accessories to accent your inner geek. Maybe you want to get furniture pieces that reference your favorite book or movie that only fans will understand? For instance, you can get a closet that’s straight out of Narnia! It will blend perfectly with your decor while still satisfying your inner geek. On a smaller scale, you can get cool bookends to organize your shelves with. There are so many different kinds you can buy – from Harry Potter themed to Star Wars!


To really get the point across for all to see, you can always go all-out with statement decor elements. Whether it’s a staircase made to look like a stack of your favorite books or a bedspread featuring your Hogwarts house, anything is possible! In fact, there are even refrigerators made to look like the TARDIS! The sky is the limit here, honestly.

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