6 Tips For Living A Happy Life

6 Tips For Living A Happy Life

What is happiness? The dictionary has several explanations for this. Happiness can be a favorable stroke of fate, but it can also be a feeling of joy. You cannot always rely on fate, but you can steer it and give your life positive experiences. Here are 6 tips for a happy life. It’s A Matter … Read more

5 Tips For A Stronger Self-Confidence

5 Tips For A Stronger Self Confidence 1

Only you can take responsibility for your self-confidence. This often sounds easier than it can be implemented. The following five tips can help you to go through life more confidently. Accept Weakness Strong self-confidence does not mean that you always have to be in good mood. There are days when you feel better and days … Read more

The Best Beach Reads Of 2022

The Best Beach Reads Of 2021

Summer is here, and with it the excitement of a new season beginning. While we may not be able to do all the things we’d want to just yet, the world is slowly starting to adjust to the “new normal” and open up again. Still, summer wouldn’t feel complete without a stack of books you … Read more

The New Gut Healthy Way Of Life – EpatCart

The New Gut Healthy Way Of Life EpatCart

Gut health is taking over, and becoming the highlight of lifestyle and eating culture. Why? Well, with the spike in IBS and stomach issues amongst humans this is very much the reason. Individuals started to notice that certain products had negative effects on their stomachs, whether this be due to bloating, pain, or affecting their … Read more